Bernard Mercer – Philanthropy Advisor

photoI provide advice and guidance on environmental issues, primarily to philanthropic and other funders. I work with those who are already committed and active in the environmental arena, and those who are concerned by the rising tide of evidence that we are degrading and damaging the atmosphere, land and ocean ecosystems, but are unsure where their support can be best placed.

The environment has a reputation for being a ‘difficult area’, in part because the issues themselves are often seen as daunting, complex and formidable, and because the ‘environmental sector’ – with its large and diverse array of NGOs, plethora of international and national policy initiatives, and increasing corporate involvement in green investing and sustainability approaches – is perceived as challenging and confusing. But analysis of environmental success reveals that NGO action and funder support for it has often been critical, and my experience of advising donors and funders fits with this picture, at small and larger scales.