Our Research

November 16, 2015

Part of our value as an independent firm is the provision of dispassionate and evidence-based assessment. We have developed a particular model of research that emphasises synthesis, analysis, and communication.

Synthesis means secondary research. We perform an overall review of the literature in a given area and then reach out to experts in the field to expand on and validate our findings. We seek to answer the following questions: What is known? What is not known? What are the range of opinions?

Analysis means that we use our expertise to identify the most relevant information and issues. We then tease out the implications, and signpost possible solutions and paths forward.

Communication is central to our research model. We are passionate about bridging the science-policy gap and believe that clear, concise and engaging communication is key.

See the links below for a sample of our published works.

Regreening and land-use: the missing piece of the climate solution, 2015.

Tropical Forests: A Review, 2015.

Protection and restoring forest carbon in tropical Africa: A guide for donors and funders, 2011.

Green Philanthropy, 2007.