Our Ethos and Values

May 5, 2016

Ecology-based reform. We see ourselves as ‘ecologically-based reformers’, contributing research and guidance to support sustainable land-use endeavours.

Science-based evidence as the core value. We believe that laying out best available scientific evidence to support policy is mission-critical. Advocacy and lobbying are a crucial element of the environmental sector, but impartial assessment is a necessary counter-balance.

The challenge. We see a gap in available research and advisory services:

– Scientists primarily engaged in field studies or modelling, produce few syntheses;

– NGOs and private-sector facing consultancies usually values-led (e.g. pro-business solutions, pro-community rights and management) rarely produce holistic studies that articulate the range of views and evidence;

The result is a paucity of dispassionate and evidence-driven research and guidance.

MEA positioning. We aim to fill the gap through evidence-based research, and candour and openness on areas of disagreement.