Our Clients

November 16, 2015

Our past and present clients include:

  • The Ashden Trust (Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts) – a grant-making charity that primarily supports programmes focusing on climate change, sustainable development, or improving the quality of life in poorer communities.
  • The Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP)
  • Coutts Institute (Coutts Private Bank)
  • Permian Global – an investment firm dedicated to the protection and recovery of natural forests to mitigate climate change.
  • The philanthropy advisory team at J P Morgan Private Bank, London.
  • The Pigshed Trust
  • The Prince’s Charities International Sustainability Unit – HRH The Prince of Wales established the ISU to facilitate consensus on how to resolve some of they key environmental challenges facing the world – such as food security, ecosystem resilience and the depletion of Natural Capital.
  • Restore UK – Restore UK was established in 2001 as a grant-making charity to invest in the protection and restoration of Britain’s natural habitat. This vision has since expanded to incorporate environmental and bio-diversity issues globally.
  • Tellus Mater Foundation
  • Wetlands International – the only global not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation and restoration of wetlands.