The MEA Team

November 16, 2015

Bernard Mercer

Working in conservation and environment since 1980, as a bookseller, CEO, chairman, philanthropy adviser, researcher, author:

Bernard’s career has been largely focused on environmental issues – particularly climate change, ecosystem and biodiversity conservation and restoration – split more or less equally between the private and non-profit sectors.

Bernard founded NHBS, the environmental bookstore, in 1985 in the back bedroom of his London flat, producing the first mailorder paper catalogue on an electronic typewriter. He remains the principal shareholder and non-executive chairman. Bernard helped create New Philanthropy Capital, a London based charity as the founding CEO from 2001 until 2004. In 2008 Bernard co-founded the Forests Philanthropy Action Network (FPAN), and from 2007-2011 was Chairman of the BBC Wildlife Fund.

Bernard founded MEA in 2012, to provide research and advisory services on forests and other ecosystems. Bernard sees his role as essentially catalytic, helping to assist new and innovative ideas to come to fruition.

Published works:

Green Philanthropy: funding charitable solutions to environmental problems, (NPC, 2007)

Protecting and restoring forest carbon in tropical Africa: A guide for donors and funders (FPAN, 2011).

Tropical Forests: A Review (ISU, 2015).